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Profile Updated: October 8, 2009
Residing In: Novi, MI USA
Spouse/Partner: Married Pamela when I was 50 and she was 40. She had a daughter Mara, who was 10 at the time. Our daughter Rachel was born soon after.
Occupation: School Social Worker
Children: Mara Deluca, age 28 has Masters in Public Health and is fluent in Spanish. She has traveled to Cuba More…a couple of times and lived in Honduras. She is now health educator for Phoenix AZ. After going to grad school at Pitt, she met a young man from Michigan whose family went to Mumford with me and after going with each other while in grad school in Pittsburgh, they have moved to Az together - he in grad school in Tempe and she living in Phoenix.

Rachel Manela 3.9 HS avg, senior on swim team Novi HS. Volunteers alot at Frienship Circle and after overcomming Dyslexia now tutors others in reading. She wants to attend James Madison college at MSU and grow up to be a prosecutor like Mccoy on Law & Order, or work in international relations.
Yes! Attending Reunion

School at MSU, U of M. London School of Economics, PhD in Sociology & Social Work, Taught at UM & Brandeis. Ran into Jim Wagstaff from Mumford once years ago in Morocco. Traveled around US and Europe alot. Climbed Mts in Colorado, Montana. Visited Mt. St Hellens right after eruption. Raised Brittany Spaniels, spent lots of time bird hunting & fly fishing. Activist against Viet Nam war. Ran a computer company for a while. Was a consultant to GM and some of its 1st tier suppliers about streamling manufacturing and material/inventory control in line with ideas of "just in time" manufacturing. Own a 30 foot sailboat and a motor yacht. Do a bit of fishing on the great lakes. Now work as a school social worker and psychotherapist. Selected school social worker of the year for state of Mich. in 2004. Still teach part time & work full time as school social worker for Detroit Public Schools. Wrote a couple of books and published some academic articles. Got married at age 50 - 2 daughters. Live in Novi - own some rental houses in Ann Arbor.

School Story:

Used to go drawing and sketching with Mr. Devleeshower and a bunch of artisticlly inclined students from Mumford. Most vivid memories of HS were of arts and sports, although I never really excelled at either. I guess I also got a general education along the way as well.

I used to be awful in math except when I took classes from Mr. Mcdaid who I liked and so did well for.

I remember that one year, when we had a winning football team, coach Jim kelly used to show us blood and guts war films from the campaign against Japan during world war II. He was a former Marine, and I guess he thought seeing pictures of people killing and getting killed would make us better football players. Although I sort of liked coach Kelly, I ended up being an anti-war activist during the Viet Nam years. Perhaps seeing all that blood and death had some impact on me, although probably not the one the coach intended. Anyway, the powers that be in the school system slapped his wrists over showing those kinds of movies, and he had to stop using them. Later, during our military adventure in Iraq, the army itself thought twice about exposing the American public to graphic images of the carnage of war and images of flag draped coffins returning from the battle front, lest it turn too many citizens againt the killing. This brought back memories of coach Kelly's efforts to glorify battle for his high school gladiators before we entered the arena each week.

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It's Roger Manela's birthday today.
Nov 16, 2017 at 4:33 AM
It's Roger Manela's birthday today.
Nov 16, 2015 at 4:33 AM
It's Roger Manela's birthday today.
Nov 16, 2014 at 4:33 AM