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Mel Borock

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12/29/17 11:08 AM #1    

Jimmy Linden

I just found out that Mel passed away recently.  i will always have fond memories of our early childhood friendship from Schultz School.  If Brenda or Susie sees this, please contact me.

Jimmy Linden




12/29/17 03:49 PM #2    

Jane Warshaw

He  was a  really nice  guy.

12/29/17 06:12 PM #3    

Joel Brown

I had not seen Mel Borock since the last reunion, where he appeared not well, but all we said was  "Good seeing you".  Then I saw Mel a few months before his death in a Beumont urology clinic waiting room, where we both had physicians. He had his caretaker with him .  He was seated in a wheel chair and in obviously very serious shape. I pulled up a chair next to him.  He discussed his acute condition with me and said he had maybe a year left.  After expessing my sympathies, things lightened up when the discussion turned to his playing baseball for Mumford High varsity. . "That was the happiest time and most successful experience in my life", he said. When he claimed to be " the best outfielder Mumford ever had", I gave him some joking on the square  "Well", I sure as hell am not so sure of that". We had a few good laughs back and forth about it . But  when I conceded " he was for sure a very good player for Mumford", he smiled with, "For sure, I was  the best on the team!"   Nodding I gave him  "For sure".   Actually, except for playing with Mel occasionally in sandlot with other kids in elementary school, I cannot recall seeing more than two Mumford baseball games, in four years. But given the existential circumstances, this good natured man deserved the "For sure", for sure.   We spoke briefly about some things like how we are all in life together and in a human life cycle no one escapes difficulties. That, "maybe acceptance and wonder are the best you can do with the whole thing; it's still a gift".

   He was being generous and kind - his way- with some compliments about me to his companion, when they called him for his appointment. When she got up to push his wheelchair, to the exam room, I stood, I bent over and gave Mel a gentle hug, wished him good luck and spontaneously gave him a kiss on the cheek. Our eyes teared. There was somehing touching if not profoundly shared in this coincidental meeting. A human connection. A last goodbye.                                                                                                                                                   We are not going to frequently share - knowingly -, a timely, warm last moment together like that with many. So it comes to mind, that whenever we do see each other, a kiss on the cheek might be just what the doctor ordered.  For me, and I like to believe for Mel too, it was a meaningful experience and a treasured memory, just being ourselves and doing our best.  I liked that about him.                                                                                                          

12/29/17 09:57 PM #4    

Marilyn Bahr (Esner)

I met Mel on our very first day at Mumford waiting outside of Mr Alvey's office (Bahr/Borock). He was charming, engagiing and sweet. Waiting in line that day he was probably as scared as I was; I knew right then that he was special and that I wanted to be his friend..... Let him rest in peace.

12/30/17 11:25 AM #5    

Allan Wilson

My last memory of Mel was the reunion. We weren’t close friends but we knew each other. Nice guy RIP!

12/30/17 05:21 PM #6    

Susan Rosenblatt (Turetsky)

Such a sweet guy with such a sweet smile.  Here’s a ‘kiss on the cheek’

from me, Mel.  May your memory be a blessing.

12/30/17 07:19 PM #7    

Daniel Redstone (Redstone)

Susan spent the last few yearss taking care of Mel, with the support of Brenda and Ira.  There will be a funeral on Sunday, January 7th, 2018.

Mell will always be remembered as a good perso.

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